Mercedes-Benz Compact Concept Style Coupe Debuts At Beijing

The Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe (CSC) is making a splash at the Beijing Auto Show this year, with it’s new sporty, sexy design and even somewhat masculine look and feel. Rumor has it that new model is a preview of the upcoming CLA 250 compact sedan, which was confirmed for production at the show by Mercedes-Benz CEO  Dieter Zetsche.

Inspired by the highly successful CLS model, “It is the avant-garde sibling that strives to be bold and different, to establish a strong non-conformist identity and to even show a bit of attitude,” revealed Zetsche. “The Concept Style Coupé is expressive and powerful in its design. We are staking our claim very clearly here. This is the model against which sporty vehicles in the executive segment will have to measure themselves in future.”

From Mercedes-Benz Club of America:

Billed as a junior CLS, the CLA will sit below the C-Class on price and features in the future line-up. Using the CSC’s dimensions as reference, the new entry-level sedan will be about 2 inches longer, almost 5 inches wider and close to 2 inches lower than current the C-class. The CSC is 182.5 inches long, 74.4 inches wide and 55 inches tall. Based on Mercedes’ new MFA platform (Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture) FWD, it has a 106.25 inch wheelbase — 2 inches shorter than the C-class but the same as the A-class.

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