The Muppets Hip Ride: Kermit’s 1984 Rolls-Royce

The Muppets movie opened Thanksgiving Day  – with a hip, and fresh twist on a favorite family group of characters.  The Muppets characters – including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and tons of others – were hugely popular in the 1980’s and even had their own variety show which starred various celebrities of the day in skits along side the full-of-personality Muppet characters.

One of the items that help add to the nostalgia of the movie, is a vintage 1984 Rolls-Royce.


Bobin needed four of the cars for the film. “And they had to be brown,” he says. “In those days all those posh comfort cars were brown. I don’t know why.” One from the Spur fleet was wrecked for a scene when the Muppets travel — by car — to Europe and the classic car emerges from the sea on a European beach. “So we had to gut it completely and then sink it and then bring it out of the sea,” says Bobin. “So it was pretty amazing.”

The Muppets movie director James Bobin says the car really supported the effort to pull the 80’s into the present to remind us of the Muppet’s huge popularity and peak in the 1980’s. “It’s like he was once very rich and he had some money because of the success of the show. But he hasn’t had any money ever since,” says Bobin. “The things you have at the time when you are wealthy sort of point to the peak of your wealth.”

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