The New Porsche 911 Receives An Upgraded Digital Experience

Porsche premiered the new (and still iconic as ever) 911 at the L.A. Autoshow.  Sporting an unmistakable Porsche design, the new 911 features a more muscular look and a 10.9-inch touchscreen monitor. In addition to body and styling adjustments, this new 911 features some impressive digital upgrades to truly embrace how the client and driver experience is changing and becoming more digital than ever before.

A Brief Overview

Overall, the drive efficiency has improved thanks to a revised injection process and a new layout for the turbochargers and charge air cooling system, according to Porsche’s November 28th Press Release.  The Porsche Power and Performance is delivered by a newly developed eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, accented with new assistance systems to make drives safer and even more effortless with help from the Porsche Road Trip App. 

Digital Innovations for a Curated Client Experience

Some of the newest innovations for the sportscar manufacturer are found in the digital details of the 911, including the Road Trip app mentioned previously.  

  1. Porsche Road Trip: This app brings back the nostalgia of summer road trips but in an amped-up fashion. Porsche Road Trip supports car enthusiasts in planning, organizing, and navigating special trips. Create completely unique experiences with curated routes, exclusive hotel, and restaurant accommodations, and key points of interest as you make your way along the road. 
  2. Porsche 360+: Allows the client to enjoy the Porsche experience away from the vehicle. How? According to Porsche, the heart of this program is the lifestyle assistance for clients. The assistant’s purpose? To make your everyday life easier. 
  3. Porsche Impact: measures and calculates emissions. With the new design, the new 911 decreases its emissions, so this new digital upgrade is a consistent feature with Porsche’s mechanical enhancements. The Porsche Impact measures the financial contributions that Porsche clients pay to offset their CO2 footprint.  The programs are open to the client to choose and are spread all over the world with focuses on wind, hydro, solar power, and forest protection.

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