Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts of a Luxury & Supercar Showcase

“A car show is like a museum- the same rules apply.”

Come October 13th, Park Place Dealerships, Car Collectors, and local partners will come together at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas to celebrate the rare, the exotic, and the high-performance at an event that puts the “SUPER” in supercar.

In our 2nd Annual Showcase, we have an expanded Concours with 10 classes of vehicles to tickle your fancy- including Supercar, International, Race Cars, and American Muscle.  We are elated to welcome you on the Concours for an experience like none-other in Dallas-Fort Worth. So whether you are a car show pro or an infrequent goer to such events, we want to ensure you are prepped and ready to enjoy your Concours Experience to fullest while keeping our Collectors’ Cars in pristine condition throughout the day.  

We consulted with industry experts and Collectors for the top 3 Concours Commandments for guests to follow for an elevated supercar showcase and concours experience:

First, Don’t Touch Without Permission From the Collector.

This is quite possibly the most important commandment for guests and collectors alike. The cars that will be featured on the Concours are not just a car, they are pieces of art and history and should be treated as such.  Sean Walker of Hagerty Classic Cars likens a show field to that of a museum- “the same rules apply.” Leaning on or trying to sit in the cars, while seemingly harmless, should be avoided out of respect for the cars and their collectors.

Additionally, this commandment extends to being mindful of your accessories. Whether it be a metal belt buckle, bangles, a refreshing beverage, or a savory bite from our local chefs- all these items can be the source of unintentional scratches, grease marks, or spills. Simply be mindful, and you’ll be just fine. 

But, Do Treat the Cars Like Works of Art and Ask First

Our collectors may be perfectly fine with you snapping a quick photo or opening the door to get a close-up view of their pride and joy, but it’s key to ask their permission first. Brian Ratcliff of Ratcliff Financial Services INC., and seasoned collector, suggests a distance of 2-3 feet from the vehicle.

Second, Don’t Not Ask the Collector Questions

Remember the rule of a double negative? Well, this don’t is actually a do: Do ask questions. With so much history congregated on our Concours, it’s pertinent to indulge your car curiosity and our collector’s pride in their submissions. Every car has a story and most likely, the Collector will be more than delighted to share it with you. Remember that these cars are typically the result of a requited passion, and each person may have a different reason as to why they became a collector or what sparked their interest.

But, Do Ask Questions and Permission for Photos

With repetition comes emphasis. “It’s not just a car- there’s a story behind every single one of them,” says Walker. With over 100 collectors, there’s something new to learn about your favorite American Muscle car or sleek Italian driving machine. Get the full story by asking the person behind the plaque, and then ask their permission for a photo so the memory can be shared.

Finally, Don’t Skip, but Do Attend the Awards Ceremony.

The Collectors’ Concours is being evaluated by a panel of highly qualified judges to name Best In Show and Best In Class. This year, the awards will be presented on our Lexus Live stage, making it an exciting and energetic apex of the Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase. Keep these three Concours Commandments in mind, and you’ll be set for an exceptional showcase experience, so reserve your VIP experience via the link below. 


We’ll see you on the Concours!