Superdome Eye Candy: Which Benz Beauty Will Steal the Show At The Big Game?

Mercedes-Benz has been creating a lot of buzz about the new 2014 CLA-Class four-door sedan. The luxury sedan is to be revealed in a much-anticipated Super Bowl XLVII ad featuring William Defoe, Kate Upton and Usher, it will be the talk of the big day. The splash of A-list film and music stars is intended to support the carmaker’s investment in a niche project in U.S. markets; the outcome will determine the future of German engineering here in the States.

A lot is being asked of the CLA-Class, the company’s new coupe-like executive sedan with the slashed price tag. Mercedes is counting on Kate Upton to showcase the virtues of an affordable Benz that is stylish and powerful. The commercial is clever and well choreographed so it is sure to be a media spot winner during the Big Game. The head-turner Mercedes-Benz expects the ad to be a fitting way to introduce the new beauty that goes on sale in April 2013.

What’s special about the new CLA-Class? Reporters got a closer look during the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this month. The hawkish, studded front grille provides a signature accent for an automobile that comes across as both classy and aggressive. The car is not meant to be huge, however, it aspires to have coupe-like dimensions. Its lingering frontal lines contrast with a cleanly docked rump that nevertheless accommodates four, full-size doors. If buyers choose the optional Sport Package, he/she will receive a full range of sports car features, which include yawning inlets and a rear diffuser.

The CLA-Class is technically well equipped with the latest anti-collision and attention-assist mechanisms to ensure safety standards are up to par with efficiency. The company’s innovative “mbrace2” software provides remote and on-site security as well as full Internet syncing from car to cloud.

The coolest thing about the new CLA-Class is reported to be the best aerodynamic vehicle on the market “worthy of a supercar,” according to Germans creators. The previous holder of that record was also a Mercedes-Benz, the 2011 C-Class Coupe. Automakers are continuing to flaunt their superior with wind-friendly physics. As suggested to be the most aerodynamic and greenest of the CLA-Class models, 180 CDI Blue Efficiency will be released with the other models in April this year.

However, by the end of 2013, the full range of CLA-Class models will be available. Each model will tailor whatever a driver desires such as, both six and seven-speed transmissions, either manual or automatic.  All of the CLA-Class models are equipped with efficient four-cylinder engines. Some models are marked for optimum energy consumption, traction and four-wheel drive, and of course, turbocharged sports appeal with speed-sensitive steering. Also included but not forgotten is a firm grip of the wheel and napped suede.

The new CLA-Class intends to provide a luxury experience, complete with sporty bells and whistles to entice performance-leaning drivers. Surprisingly, the 2014 CLA-Class is wildly affordable by Mercedes-Benz standards for a cool, cost effective $29,900.

Mercedes’ Super Bowl commercial will sell the weighty reputation of a Benz to a younger generation with less disposable income but have the universal appetite for beauty, modern technology and the finer points of automobile engineering. German engineers are planning ahead by test-driving the CLA-Class in a smaller American market to see if newly affordable luxury catches on.

It’s a good touchdown for Mercedes’ flashy Super Bowl commercial preview that seems to confirm it. Why sell your soul to the devil to get close to fame, fortune and Kate Upton, when there’s a Benz “and everything that comes with it” available for under $30,000? Mercedes-Benz will be answering that question before a wide audience during the 47th Super Bowl, and Park Place Dealerships will be giving away a 1 year lease to a lucky Facebook Fan though their Fan Sweepstakes.